Two Very Good Rudders For 18' to 24' Sailboat

1. Rudder with bracket and pintles:

This is a rudder from a Gloucester 22 sailboat, similar to a Catalina 22, boat sank in Hurricane Irma, the boat was raised within 2 days, and I was able to salvage some items. It is in very good condition. Not waterlogged, leaky, delaminated or anything. The hurricane was 1-1/2 years ago, I am just getting around the selling some items from this boat, I bought an O'Day 26 so these items won't work. The pintles are there, as well as the bracket for the tiller. I was going to use this on the O'Day 26, which is why you see additional holes drilled, but it just didn't work. It weights 35 pounds. Click images for larger view. Measurements are on one of the photos.

THE BRACKET MEASUREMENT - is 1-1/2 wide by 1-1/4 tall INSIDE MEASUREMENT, so that's the size of the tiller that fits.



2. Same rudder with no bracket and pintles:

This is a spare rudder from a Gloucester 22 sailboat. I bought the boat in the year 2000 and I never used it this rudder. It sat in garages and sheds for the last 20+ years. It must have been used at some point, but not by me. It is in very good condition with a couple of chips on one corner that are very easily repairable. Not waterlogged, leaky, delaminated or anything wrong with it. It is slightly smaller than the other one, but basically the same thing, except the bracket and pintles. It is 6 inches at bottom, 9-3/4 at top, 9-3/4 across the middle. It weighs a couple of pounds less than the other one - about 33 pounds.



Compare to the prices of these rudders on Ebay.